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Reasons To Pressure Wash A House

Reasons To Pressure Wash A House

The obvious reason to pressure wash a house is to get it clean. There are many other advantages to pressure washing miami fl that homeowners may not realize. The removal of dirt and debris does much more than keep a house looking clean. It can also prolong the life of the siding, windows, and gutters. Caked on dirt and mud can freeze and thaw, which can cause small cracks to form in siding and window frames. Water will weaken the materials, get into the walls and structure, ruin any insulation, and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Those conditions will decrease efficiency, which will cause a rise in utility bills.

Mud and debris can add weight to the gutters and downspouts. That can cause separation from the house, which will allow excess water to create extensive damage. The costs for repairs, restoration, or replacement is high in money and time. Mold and mildew that is not removed from the exterior of the house will break down materials, seep into the interior of the home, and make occupants ill. Another advantage is that a clean house has higher resale value when it is placed on the market. A discolored, faded, or dirty looking exterior will not attract buyers. The home will be on the market longer, and list for a cheaper price than a house that is clean and inviting.

Although many homeowners try to save money by washing their homes themselves, Pressure Cleaning Miami is better left to the professionals. Electric power washers that can be purchased or rented are simply not powerful enough to properly clean a house. They are powerful enough to clean the car, a boat, or outdoor furniture. Gas models are more powerful, but professional models are still three times more powerful than those. More powerful equipment can save a lot of time.

Professional pressure washing is also more cost-effective in the long run. Homeowners are not saving any money when they consider everything needed to get the house really clean. It takes different cleaners, depending on who dirty the house is, and how much mold is visible. Gear is needed, such as a ladder, buckets to mix cleaners and water, hand brushes, and safety gear. Add in the amount of time it will take, and the job is much more expensive than people think. Another thing to consider is experience. It takes practice to handle a pressure washer properly and safely. It is not as simple as holding the wand and turning on the machine. The type of nozzle, size of spray, and degree of the angle all have an impact on the results. Save time and money by hiring experienced professionals to pressure wash the house.